International supplies of industrial equipment, pipes, water desalination and waste water treatment plants

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Industrial equipment Steel Pipes and ductile pipes

Waste water treatment plants

Desalination plants and industrial equipment

Düsseldorf, NRW, Ruhrgebiet, Germany

  Industrial equipment and supplies trading of industrial equipment
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Our Services:

Industrial Equipment, Steel Pipes, Trading and international trades



Electrical Equipment

Our selling program for electrical equipment

* Substations and electrical distribution

* Street lighting

* Electrical cables, all types for high, medium and low tension requirements complete with accessories

* Bare wire conductors

* Galvanised steel poles and wooden poles, complete with accessories for street lighting

* Diesel generating sets, portable and stationary plants complete with switchboard for every voltage, used for power generating

* Auxiliary generating units up to 2.600 KVA

* Switchboards for high tension and low tension distribution, including transformers

* Electric motors, all voltages and powers

* Substations, transformers and switchgear for power distribution

* Overhead distribution lines including steel masts, insulators and fittings

* Spare parts and electrical components

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